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Zombie Crusade

Zombies Apocalypse begins and it’s up to you to defend yourself from the zombies!

About the game

If you like games where you have to use your brain and strategic skills then this is the game for you. And if you want to destroy a good part of the zombie population, then this is the place for you. Zombies Apocalypse is a game where the main objective is to defend yourself from the zombies that are attacking you and your towers. Your task is to build up your village, strengthen defense and prepare for a zombie attack that will be coming your way in waves in order to destroyed your village, choose a good defense, stop the zombies and do not forget from time to time to improve and upgrade your defense in order to be stronger and more efficient against zombies.You can use support skills like bear traps that deals damage to trapped zombies, Net that stops zombies for a few seconds, light storm that strike zombies or hero, they are most powerful units.Enjoy this awesome game unblocked!

Use for defense

At the beginning of the game in the first level do you start with 200 coins, you have to wisely spend to buy your troops and 5 zombie attack. From offered weapons you have at your disposal:
Arrows that are good for shooting zombies coming from the distance and cost 60 coins.
Soldiers: which also costs 60 coins You get 3 soldiers that are good for the fight from coming.
Bombs third option for good weapon for firing a long-range and cost 80 coins. As a fourth option you have:
Lasers which are my favorite. Green lasers at the beginning of the great options and cost less than the bombs only 70 coins.

As we said above the first level you have 5 zombie attack. in every level you have more attacks and will be more and more frequent in the period. With each murder Zombie Apocalypse get extra money with which you can during the fight to buy more weapons, and also to repair what you already have.

New weapons

Later in the game you get new weapons like a hero who is there for you. And many other interesting things will reveal themselves during the games. Sounds are great and made interesting by listening to sound like swords rattling sound of steel or laser while killing Zombie Apocalypse and all other sounds. For you to sit back and start a journey through time, past and future, because this mix of game two times. Zombies in the future and people from the past. We highly recommend this game, you will not be disappointed


Play with mouse and keyboard. Use mouse to interact or select and 1,2,3,4-Support Skills.

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