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World Rugby

Officially the best unblocked rugby flash game. A game that has been awarded with three prestigious awards. The game itself consists of two options: quick match and the world championship. The quick match options to play a game, just to see how game look likes. What ‘s the beauty of this game is the World Cup. Select a team and try to get to it all the way to the famous Web Ellis trophy. As for the playing of the game, pay attention. The point of the game is to reach as many tries as you require at the task that level. When you run you have several options to avoid opponents at a time. Use the arrows to the left and right and z button to jump. X button is used to pass to a player when you appear in the screen. For the rolling left and right, using the same left and right arrows , but press them twice quickly . Try to give try in the middle of the goal , because in this way you will have to win the more points. This also applies to shoot achieved after try. Reason to score as many points is that the results can later put on the internet and see how much you are actually a football player too.
What to say. Excellent game, with fantastic challenges and opportunities to finally find out who is the better rugby player, you or your friend.

Use your keyboard to play. Left and right arrows to steer. Z for jump and X for pass to player

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