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Try Hard

Similar like Bruce Willis, but this time in rugby world. Not a die hard than try hard. Fantastic rugby flash game is front of you. Your task is simple. There are two offensive players and they pas a ball to each other. You can carrier a ball as long as you can, but your energy is fall down and the est solution is that you pass a ball to your teammate. After that your energy will refill, and you wait for return pass. Also you must watch for opponent. They chase you and wait for the right moment to tackle you, and after that you loose a ball. Be a patient, and don’t give up, you have several attempts, actually you must not be tackled more than a four times.
This game is so interesting, because two player can play this game in a same time. Player 1 move player on arrows of keyboard and Player 2 play on buttons w a s d. At the beginning you should choose with how many players you want to play. Universal button for passing on field is space.
If you have a favorite rugby nation, you choose one of this nations to win a world cup: Georgia, Scotland, japan, Samoa, Fiji, Argentina, France, Ireland, Wales, England, Australia, The All Blacks, Namibia, Uruguay, Canada, Romania, USA, Tonga, The Azzuri.
You think that is to easy to score a try in rugby game. If you sure about that, absolutely you must to try to play this sports game.
Try Hard, or go home 🙂
These game is playing on keyboard
Use your arrow keys to steer the player, and space button to make a rugby pass
Is your friend want to play with you, his command are buttons w a s d

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