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Tom Run

About the game

Get ready for an incredible race. Tom is waiting for you to get started to run. Your main mission is to escape from angry neighborough, who chase you. When you run try to collect as many as you can coins, and some special presents, which you can use to go faster. In that way, you can a great chance to finally get lose a tail. In settings, you can change your name, and a score of your race, you can put on the internet. One more thing, when a man with a hat catches you, you can use a purple coin to free and resume to run. Tom run for you, you fun for Tom, that’s easy.


Use arrow keys or W A S D buttons to steering
left arrow or A – move left
right arrow or D – move right
down arrow or S – get down
up arrow or W – jump
Pres space for use special effect

Gameplay photo

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