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The Walking Dead

Dead people prevailed world. You must find the way to stop them. Shoot them in the head to kill zombies easier.

About the game

Before the start, select the level at which you want to play you have 3 standard levels EASY, MEDIUM or HARD. This game will test your shooting skills. Primarily accuracy and reflexes. At the beginning of precision will be needed because it will be less zombies while later, you must turn on the peaks and reflexes. The aim of the game is to help the Rick Grimes to defend against invading zombies.

Survive or die

After each attack and have successfully traversed the level of the map where you choose your next location for the defense of these creatures. Also you are looking for survivors to save them. As well as a new weapon with which you will easily exceed the levels. When you have two weapons replacing them on the keyboard under 1 and 2. Switch fire mode is on F. At the beginning of the game you have a gun with five bullets in the frame, when out of all the bullets you need to click twice to trigger full or press R. Being precise means to survive the attack. So I always try to shoot Walking Dead zombies in the head with a single bullet to kill them. or spend two shots to the body. For each hit in the head you get 10 points for a murder in the body 5.

Weapons And Crew

Every mission is a chance to save someone. You have 40 days to do this. When you successful complete a mission, you can choose a random stuff to do. Upgrade your weapon. At the beginning you have a shotgun, springfield, but very soon if you are smart to complete missions very fast, you can choose some other weapon: AK-47, sniper, pistol, rifle, machine gun, heckler. If riffle is damaged you must repair it. Save your crew Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Michonne, Sasha, Tara, Eugene, Rosita from evil Negan and these deadly creatures.

You have 40 days and 40 missions to save our heroes from all attacks.

Be persistent and do not let anything get in the way is in the intention. Go have some fun…


All you need is mouse to shoot on zombies

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