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The Last Stand: Union City

Your city is in danger. Start a deadly mission and save the world.

About the game

You wake up at highway. Around of you are cars in flame. Deadly collapse are starting. Zombies are here and you must stop them. Main task at the beginning is that you must find way out from a road. Hide and protect yourself. Shoot and smash these deadly creatures when they come to you. This unblocked shooting games have a plenty levels, so enjoy playing it.

How to play

Walking on the road try to explore as many as you can everything what you see at the screen. Trunk of the car, dead people, many bushes and trees and lots of things. Use you weapon to defend yourself. Use gun or some other hand weapon. Everything what you find can use it in purpose for your main task, saving your union city. When you want to kill some zombie with close combat weapon, just be near to zombie, and smash him. Shooting with weapon it’s classic. Aim on zombies head and shoot. There’s a four main options for your better playing and easier passing a levels.


When you start to play you have an opportunity to customize your hero. If you want to change something press C for options character. Customize again your main guy and make him look more beautiful. Also you can get information about your skills: strength, endurance, precision, intellect, luck, health and stamina. Beside of that you have a more information like:

  • Strength Skills – Blunt
  • Strength Skills – Blades
  • Precision Skills – Pistols
  • Precision Skills – Long Guns
  • Precision Skills – Automatics
  • Precision Skills – Special Weapons
  • Intellect Skills – Smarts
  • Intellect Skills – Security
  • Intellect Skills – Searching
  • Intellect Skills – First Aid
  • Endurance Skills – Fitness
  • Endurance Skills – Survival


Pressing on button B you open a backpack. Everything what you collect can find here. Choose weapon, pick your clothes, see how many cahs you have, how many trophies you collect and lots of things


Press X button to open your secondary mission. See what you also must to do to collect more money and some trophies. Killing zombies you have chance to earn xp points, which you can use to unlock some specialty. Under the name of specialty there’s an explanation what you must to do to unlock these stuff.

  • Noted
  • Forgetful
  • Brookvale
  • One Man’s Trash
  • Home Again
  • Clean Up
  • Playing Doctor
  • No Vacanacy
  • Secret
  • Ball game
  • Outpatient
  • Smart move
  • Crippler
  • The hand off
  • Scavenger
  • Pills here
  • Sleepy
  • I can help…


See what is your main mission pressing on J button. On left side of your screen is name of a mission, and on right side is an explanation how to pass this level. Also you have an info with how many experience points you will be reward, when you pass a mission.


Use your keyboard and mouse to play this game

  • Move – W A S D or arrows keys
  • Shooting – left click
  • Open character – C
  • Open backpack – B
  • Open achievements – X
  • Open journey – J
  • Choose weapons – 1 2 3 4
  • Change weapons – Q
  • Use it – E

Good luck with playing, and enjoy it in every level.

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