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Swords And Sandals 4: Tavern Quests

About the game

The newest part of these gladiator saga. Swords and sandals: Tavern quests. Maybe the best flash game strategy is this and waiting for you to be play. Like previous parts, same game story is this also in this part. Go to start new quest and ready for action. Enjoy in this world of gladiators. Choose 3 different game which want to play. Choose between fat play, standard game or long game. What I should do, the question is now?

After take one of threes emblem for your warrior house: Trackstealth, Joost and Kragen. You just step up in vale of house. Throw your dice and make a first step. Choose a path which you want to trip to the castle. On every field you have chance to collect some coins, like combat battle, catch a bats or some other animal, win in memory game When you step into same field as your enemy, you must fight against him. Choose what are you fighting for: User will be eliminate from the game if lose, as a winner collect money from enemy gladiator, loser will be delayed for 3 turns, winner gets on sandal from the loser.

In top of screen you have an info of your objectives: life, sandal, money, power, money, and castle points.

Fields on map

Except collect money on map, you have an opportunity to do other stuff: lose money, choose to fight, return back, change place, make money, throw dice once more.
Like do not be angry man, try to be the best in these swords and sandals world. Enjoy and have fun.


All you need is mouse to play this game.

Save game

You choose between local and cloud save

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