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SteppenWolf – Chapter 5 – Episode 2

Your task in this episode is to explore the mansion and collect all possible information about the mythical creature.To enter the mansion you need to avoid the guards who are guarding it, find a way to work around them, as well as a multitude of obstacles that you will encounter in front of the mansion and in the mansion.Play careful and collect anything you find particularly about creature, because this is the main task.As well as in past episodes your task is to find a solution to the current situation in which you are, for example, to find a way out or to run an object or move something you have to explore the place where you are and to assemble the puzzle.This game is very exciting and challenging, carries with it a great story.Good luck and have fun in this unblocked shooting game!

Use arrow keys to walk.
Ctrl-Short Jump.
Ctrl,Shift-Long Jump.
T-Toggle Items.

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