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SteppenWolf – Chapter 4 – Episode 3

A new episode of the most popular unblocked shooting game is finally out!
In this episode you are in a submarine, your mission is the same as in most past episodes, just as you, your enemies are well armed, which means that you will have to react quickly, solve all the mysteries, collect clues, assemble the puzzle and enjoy the story, which this episode brings.
Meg must defeat the maze of Dagger League men before they can sabotage the submarine with SteppenWolf and Olaff aboard!If you want an extra challenge this game you can play limited in time, the choice is yours.Play with your buddies, you can win this exciting game together and enjoy the mysteries of this game have.Have fun!

Use arrow keys to walk.
Ctrl-Short Jump.
Ctrl,Shift-Long Jump.
T-Toggle Items.

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