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SteppenWolf – Chapter 4 – Episode 2

Are you ready to go into another adventure in this exciting unblocked shooting game?
If you are adventure can begin. Steppenwolf is located in Norway and his task is to find a professor Olaf Hargvor who invented the deep water device with which Steppenwolf can find the Kraken, a mythical monster that roams the sea and destroying random passers-by.To reach the professor you first need to eliminate and avoid a large number of enemies who kidnapped professor Olaf,
save the professors and move to the next adventure!As always look for various clues that can be found all over the map, assemble the puzzle, solve the mystery and stop the enemies.
We wish you good luck and good fun for another exciting episode of this fantastic game!

Use arrow keys to walk.
Ctrl-Short Jump.
Ctrl,Shift-Long Jump.
T-Toggle Items.

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