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SteppenWolf – Chapter 3 – Episode 1

In this episode you are in an elevator, located in an abandoned house, your task is to find exit and find out what happened to the others.Around you are dead bodies, you have to be careful because the killer is hiding somewhere in the house and search for you to kill you, find a way to kill hitman or to avoid him in order to find exit and get out of there in one piece.McAllister is dead! His dying words speak of a “red drawer”. Help Meg find the mysterious drawer which contains the mini-disc.In short your task is to survive, gather everything you find on your way, because that can be useful later in the game, solve a variety of puzzles and find the exit.We wish you good luck and good fun in this unblocked shooting game!

Use arrow keys to walk.
Ctrl-Short Jump.
Ctrl,Shift-Long Jump.
T-Toggle Items.

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