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SteppenWolf – Chapter 1 – Episode 1

While you are passing through Congo River you and your crew is attacked by the enemy and your task is to try to save the other members of the crew and escape from the ship.You must not allow your enemies to capture you, avoid them, locate wounded friends and leave the ship that is your main task.To avoid the enemies who are well armed, you have to plan your every move and thus avoid all kinds of obstacles that will be on your way. And as always collect all the items on the road and find all the clues.Your task is to guide your character through an interactive series of action and logic based puzzles.In order to succeed your missions are to watch the scenes for clues, to collect inventory items to help you overcome obstacles and to survive to the end of the episode.Enjoy in another exciting episode of this fabulous unblocked shooting game!

Use arrow keys to walk.
Ctrl-Short Jump.
Ctrl,Shift-Long Jump.
T-Toggle Items.

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