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Solar Basic

Save your planet. Destroy every comets and other flying objects. Let’s proud yourself!!!

About the Solar

Your main task is destroying everything which you see to to you. You have a two kind of mat battle ship probe. Yellow mat serve for destroying yellow comets, and green mat is for green comets. Try to avoid black comets, they is deadly for you and never hit’em up. Only is you need is your mouse and good will. Good luck and be a savior.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most popular way to earn an electric. The source of energy most readily available to us is sunlight. Because of absorption in the atmosphere and reflection from clouds, only about half of incident energy reaches the surface of the Earth and averaged over a day. the solar power is about 0,2 kilo watt per square meter. If we could find a way to make efficient use of solar energy we would have a continuing free supply of energy which would not degrade our environment.

One of the major problems associated with the development of solar farms to generate electricity is the high cost of the converter elements of solar cells. Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electrical power. In another scheme for the utilization of solar energy, sunlight is concentrated by lenses and is used to heat an absorbing material located within a system of pipes.

The prospects for the large scale production of electrical power from the sunlight do not now appear bright. But as the costs of fuels rise, solar energy may appear as an available alternative to sources of energy.

Nuclear Power

The survey of energy would not be complete if we did not say something about nuclear power which will play a major. So now you understand what you must to do. Try to collect as many as you can solar energy and for mankind race is very important after that to know about nuclear weapon.

Game Play Images

Solar Basic - Game Play
Solar Basic – Game Play

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