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Skies Of War

Your task in this game would be to destroy a specific enemy targets such as vehicles,buildings and other, for each successful mission you will get the money, with which you can buy other aircraft.
Welcome to this fantastic war flying game that will blow your mind!You can buy, upgrade and improve your aircraft to be better and stronger, with cash you earn for complete the mission.Destroy the enemies with machine gun, missiles and other weapons that you have in your craft.You can also land during the mission and select other aircraft.Not all buildings are evil flats for example are friendly.Houses are also friendly, destroying them will cost points.Each aircraft has different characteristics. Propaganda can be a very powerful weapon.some units or airfields need more propaganda than others. Beautiful graphics, animation and sound effects will blow your mind.The game is suitable for all ages, especially for boys and fans of flying games.We wish you great action and even better adventure in this awesome flying game!

Use mouse to fly aircraft.Left mouse click-Select weapon.Spacebar-Open minimap.C-Switch quickly between weapons.Press and hold R to make a Roll.Press and hold CTRL for hover-mode.

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