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Sift Shorty

About the game

Incredibly hacked game in front of you. Sift Shorty is a game that will leave you breathless. Brave, courageous, full of herself, a woman with a gun is very dangerous. In short red dress is ready for anything. Watch out for her, because she’s lurking in the corners. Excellent simulation of how to defend yourself if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation like this. Especially if you’re a life-threatening, and you have to use those weapons. Be brave and courageous, because you’ll only be able to conquer so all enemies, which would not be a bit friendly citizens and friendly, as you might you. She frowned and overthrew them first, and later in the course, which shoots.


Use up and down arrow to move your aim, use right arrow to target an enemy, and left to move your laser form the same.
Use your mouse to reload your weapon

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