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Secure The Deck

The rescue mission is underway. Be a hero, help people to save themselves. Your task is that while your forwards helicopter, try to post his men to certain platform on board.
They descend through the rope, and you shall be defined them, pressing the down arrow, how and how fast will descend. When come before the end of the rope, you need to squeeze space button, then when you think he’s going to fall on already marked platform. All of this is not at all easy to do, because the same boat under the influence of the storm, and ropes wiggle wind blows. But if you’re a hero for real, I think you will not be a problem if you cross each level, which will be more and more difficult, Good luck.

Use your keyboard to play. Left and right arrows to steer a helicopter, down arrow to move men on rope, and space button to release them.

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