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Samurai Rebellion

Fans of samurai games this is the game for you! Take up the sword in hand and go to war!
This samurai game is turn-based game which means that during the fight you send what kind of soldiers will go to the front lines, pay attention to what your enemy sends and based on that you send him contra soldiers, samurai, this game is very addictive and you’ll love it all who are fans of this kind of games! Before the start of each fight you’ll see how the many samurai soldiers has an enemy and how many samurai soldiers have you, with that information you create tactics that will help you win the war. This game requires you to think about your moves, be careful and cautious. Each province you destroy you get a certain number of gold after which you can buy your army and thus strengthen. Samurai have a short range but good armor, archers have a large range but weak armor, be careful how and in what order you send your army to the enemy.
Have fun in this Samurai Rebellion game!

Use mouse to play.

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