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Piranhio is most popular free fishing online game. Play with your friends and have fun. Try to eat as many as you can lazy swimmers, and when you grown up, eat your enemy.

Eat or be eaten

Choose a server to play and ready for an action. I recommend to you to choose Europe server. In this server you can find you country or near country players. Also you can choose between classic or no powerups game. Enter your name, or nick name and prepare for piranha world. Also choose yours piranha look on up-right screen option.

Eat or be eaten that the way of this game. Try to eat peoples in the sea as many as you can. Your main threat is other server players. If he have bigger fish than you, you must run away. If is reverse situation chase him down and try to eat. For faster moving use left click, but you must be careful, because you have certain energy and use it very smart. When you eating, pay attention on yellow boxes. Pick up these cardboard thing and you have a chance to give some special thing. You can get a shotgun, or faster moving skills, or stun guns. What ever you got press space to use it stuff. After several eaten mens, your fish will grown up. After piranha get reach the limit of her hunger, your fish will be again small, but now is ready to eat more and more guys. This piranhio game has no pause, so try to make schedule for today and get ready for some freeshing world.


For moving use your mouse
Left click for faster moving
Space bar for use special skill from box

Piranhio - Game play
Piranhio – Game play

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