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Mosquito Trouble

They are a nuisance. Bring you non-stop to the madness, even when you are bitten, and when you feel the itch.
Mosquitoes are one word, just like the annoying buzzer.
This is your chance to take revenge on them, but like real life, kill this animal is not an easy task.
It is interesting way to play this game. Set the camera to look at you and the screen will show your face. When you do this, the action begins. This is a unique opportunity to get rid of these animal-bites, even if it is a virtual world.
You’ll have the shortest possible time that they destroyed them as much as possible. In addition to your energy there are energy mosquitoes. Be quick and do not let it bite you.
Arm yourself with patience and attention and go running after him.
Use your mouse to play this game. Also you need a webcam.

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