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Memory Teaser

Rugby as a mind game. You probably think it’s not, but it is most challenging mind game in the world. The moment you decide to be, you want to add pass, you want to dump her, will you knock that pass opponents, so what are you going to enter. All that you need to think in a split second, it would be a good quality rugby player.
The reason is that rugby can be played only people clear mind, not just raw power.
If you do not have power, and you think you’re way too smart, here is the game for you.
You have the shortest possible time to open image behind the marked fields. You will do this in the following way, opening two cards,’ll have to find two matching cards, the players of the English rugby team.
When you find two same pictures, none will be removed and you’ll see a fraction of the background. You have all the pictures to be removed in order to win and see the whole and pure background.
Think on and off the field is not the same, think about it.

Use your mouse to play this game

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