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Kingdom Rush Origins

If you like to build and if you like to defend then this Kingdom Rush Origins 3 is the best choice for you.

Kingdom Rush Origins

This game is tower defender based game in which your task is to defend your castles in your Kingdom that are attacked from hordes of enemies with goal to destroy and rule your Kingdom. You defend your Kingdom by building defense towers on strategic places in order to stop enemies coming from point A to point B. Show how skilled you are when it comes to defending your Kingdom and kill as many enemies as you can.

How To play Kingdom Rush 3: Origins

You have 20 hearts, and that means that if one enemies go through your defences you will lose one heart, so play careful and try to kill all the wave of enemies hordes. You buy towers from gold that you earn by killing enemies, as much enemies you kill much more gold you get so try
your best and collect as much gold as possible and use that gold to build towers and upgrade them as often as you can so your towers do more damage to enemies. You have couple types of tower that you can build and every single tower have their own speciality, one can slow enemies,
one have good fire rate, one deals more damage and so on. The aim of the game is to defend your Kingdom using that towers, every next level will be harder than previous one so in one moment you will need to tactically build your towers in order to beat the enemies.


Use your mouse to navigate, build and play this game.

Conclusion For Kingdom Rush Origins

This game is the best of the best, this Kingdom Rush 3: Origins have everything that you want to have in one tower defense game. Lot types of towers, all kind of enemies, possibility to upgrade and improve your towers and much much more! We wish you fun playing this awesome part of Kingdom Rush 3 game!

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