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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

If you love games that are based on tower defense than you will adore this awesome Kingdom Rush Frontiers Game.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Your task in this game is to free Castle and defend your Kingdom from all sort of enemies that will attack Castles in waves. It’s up to you to stop them from coming from point A to point B using your towers. Get ready for this challenging game that will fill your day with fun. This game is totally free and you can play it without registration or installation.

How To Play

Before you start this adventure choose the difficulty level, you can choose Casual that is the best choice for the beginners in this game. Next is Normal that will give you good challenge and final the Veteran that is preaty hard core. Your task is to defend Castles in your Kingdom from all sort of creatures that will try to destroy the Kingdom. In order to stop hordes of enemies coming from point A to point B you need to build towers in strategic places with the towers that you have. You have four types of towers: Archer Tower, Barracks, Mage Guild and Artillery. Every of this tower have their own special ability, some will slow the enemies, some will do them great damage, some will have good fire rate and every tower cost certain amount of gold that you earn by killing enemies.


Use your mouse to navigate, build and play.


Lovers of tower defense games you are at the right place because Kingdom Rush Frontiers is all that you ever wanted in one tower defense game.

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