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Keeper Of The Grove 2

About the game

This free omline game is one of the strategies one. At the beginning of the game you have a choice of two weights NORMAL and HARD. Up to you how much you are willing to save your diamonds or these creatures. The main objective is that with the help of his faithful weapon at that defend their diamonds and get new.

Prepare for some adventure

Each mission will take you to a new adventure like:

  • First defense: Stop 100 enemies
  • Catch them all: Stop 500 enemies
  • Strategist: Complete a level with the highest rating
  • Excellent defense: Complete 5 levels with the highest rating
  • Defender: Train 20 Defenders
  • General: Train 100 Defenders
  • And many other tasks…


You will have three types of weapons that you will use. As you progress in the game you will be able to be upgrading more and more. The first weapon is:
GUARDIAN: Strikes from a distance. Very effective weapon that will eventually become the main enemy for destruction.
LOKYN: Slow an enemy by 50%. Well it is set at the beginning to slow enemies.
ROCK: Not effective again very fast enemies. Has the largest damage area per shot. Every one of their heroes, which you can buy for the same money to sell and buy someone else and place it wherever you want.


Space: speed up/ down
Enter: start the wave
Esc: pause

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