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About The Hobo Game

You have nothing more to lose and you start to rage on everyone around you Your task in this Hobo game is to unleash that anger and to fight everyone who stand in your way. There’s are police officers, junkman and many others. Your weapon are is your legs and your fists of fury. Defend yourself from enemies attacks and fight them until they fall to the ground, your task is to survive in this Hobo Game.

How to Play Hobo Game

First you choose your difficulty Easy, Normal or Hard. So if you are beginner then the best option for you is Easy mode. You can continue where you stopped in the game by typing your password that you gonna get after you quit the game. To Play this Hobo game it’s not so hard. You have simple commands for moving and for fighting. Also try to defend yourself with move fast and kick. Punch other people who stand on your way.


  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Use A,S for attack

Conclusion for Hobo Game

Hobo Game is great game for players that want to go fast into action. This unblocked game is for people who don’t like police so much. Because in this place you can beat up police officers. If you are under stress from work and school and you want to release that stress and anger in some game then you are at the right place because this is just the game for you! We wish you good luck and even more fun in this awesome Hobo game!

You are Hobo who was looking for place to sleep but when you find it the thing that you didn’t know is that place is forbidden and police is wanting to fight you.

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