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Hobo 7 – Heaven

About The Hobo 7 – Heaven Game

After Hobo discovered that Hobos are not allowed on Haven Hobo release anger and he want to destroy anyone who want to harm him using all kind of weapons and special powers. Help Hobo to defend himself and attack everyone who attack you! Hobo has defeated Satan and is now in heaven in God’s kingdom. But God was angry with him and sends his angels to stop him. Help Hobo to deal with God’s angry and beat all the people that get in your way. Enjoy another continuation of this fantastic and exciting unblocked game!We wish you good luck and good fun!

How To Play Hobo 7 – Heaven Game

Every Hobo game is story for itself and every hobo game i special in their own way. This one is to because you now can use special powers that allow you to kill your enemies lot more easy. Collect everything that you find on Haven like golden apples, you can use the to throw them at your enemies and deal them damage. Try to be as precise as possible and defend yourself from enemies punches. Before you start the game you choose difficulty that you want: Easy, Normal or Hard, if you are beginner then the best option for you is Easy mode.

You can continue where you stopped in the game by typing your password that you gonna get after you quit the game. After each mission you will be able to use the new martial arts to help you defeat your enemies. Also you can also shoot at your enemies with various objects that you find on your way.


  • Use arrow keys to move your Hobo
  • Press A to Punch and to Pick up Objects
  • Use S to Kick

Conclusion For Hobo 7 – Heaven Game

New enemies, new place for fight, new items to pick up, new special powers and much much more awaits you in this new part of Hobo game. If you are under stress then this is the perfect way to release yourself from that stress. Don’t waste time and star this awesome game! We wish you lot of fun and good luck! After killing Satan Hobo ended up on Haven and fall asleep. So this time angels is your enemies who wake you up. Now Hobo is no more on the earth, he is on haven and that means that you can now use silly special powers that you can find out in the game.

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