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Hobo 6: Hell

About The Hobo 6 Hell Game

Welcome to another Hobo game! Hobo is back and he is back in style and you must help him to get to the Satan and kill him! If you are bored and you are looking for some interesting and funny game then this is the game for you! When Hobo fall asleep in the UFO he lose the oxygen and die. He wake up in hell, where demons wake him up and in that moment Hobo get very angry! Hobo new enemies are demons, creatures, monsters and people who end up in hell.

How To Play Hobo 6 Hell Game

Your task in this unblocked game is to help Hobo to kill all the demons that come along the way. So, order to defeat them you need to kick them and show these demons from hell how is Hobo really strong. Show and come to the Devil himself hell which is located at the end of hell and defeat him! In front of you is a spirit and challenging journey full of various obstacles and various demons who will try to stop you. Because of that you have to prove how good you are at Hobo game and defeat demons and devils from hell!

In hell Hobo get new special powers and ability to do combos, you new special power is to vomit and poop in the same time! How crazy is that! On the start of the game you choose difficulty that you want: Easy, Normal or Hard, if you are beginner then the best option for you is Easy mode. Every time you want continue where you stopped in the game by typing your password that you gonna get after you quit the game. Don’t forget that you can pick up all kind of weapons that enemies drop after u kill them and much more, use them to kill other enemies.


  • Press A to Punch
  • Press S to Kick
  • Use arrow keys to Move

Conclusions For Hobo 6 Hell Game

Once again you will enjoy in Hobo game. This time in hell, so you can kill all kind of creatures and demons. For the end your final boss will be Satan who will not be easy to kill. First of all you need courage to avoid his punches carefully. It’s main reason to stay alive and kill him. We wish you good luck and even greater fun in this Hobo 6 hell game! If you come home from work tired, or if you are in school and you want to play you some challenging game then this unblocked game is excellent choice for your. Play with friends or friends from school. Enjoy in another part of this fantastic Hobo game!

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