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Gun Mayhem 3: Redux

About the game

In front of you is the best, most popular and most played part of the game – Gun Mayhem Redux Game! With improved graphics, animation, sound effects, new arenas, new challenges, this game will bring you even more fun and more challenges! In this part you can finally play with and against your friends, and that up to 4 players! Play together, compete with each other, test your skills in this challenging game and have fun! Gun Mayhem Redux game is a platform game in which you measure the strength and skill with your opponent.

How To Play Gun Mayhem Redux Game

You start to play this game by choosing your fighter and creatine him in your taste, you can even dress him up as you want. You can then play the tutorial if you are not familiar with the game to learn the basics. Before you is a lot of levels, each next level will be more difficult than the previous one and in order to beat the level it is necessary to defeat your opponent by pulling him from the platform to abyss using your weapons and bombs, make sure that your opponent does not throw you at the abyss because you will lose a life, make sure you are constantly moving and jumping to avoid the opponent’s bullets. Various Boosters will eventually fall from the sky that if you pick them up on time, you can get short time help.


  • 1P: Use arrow keys to move, Z-Primary Fire, X-Secondary Fire
  • 2P: Use W,A,S,D to move, T- Primary Fire, Y-Secondary Fire
  • 3P: Use 7,8,9,/ to move
  • 4P: Use 1,2,3,5 to move, 0-Primary Fire, .-Secondary Fire

Conclusion For Gun Mayhem Redux Game

This is the best version of Gun Mayhem game that will delight you and with whom you have a good time playing. A large number of challenges is ahead of you, prove how skilled you are at this Gun Mayhem Redux game and make the highest score! We wish you good luck and good fun in this addictive game.

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