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Gods Of Arena

About the Game

Hail, Caesar! Welcome to incredible roman empire world. Age of gladiators is now. Those animals of humans is ready for fight. Dead or alive are these guys motto. Prepare your warrior for a fight against angry enemy. Win in a battle and bring glory to your house.

House of Gladiators

Main actor in this game is Cornelius, citizen of Zucchabar town. When he heard form Doctore that his father dead, he decide to back to Northern Africa. Cartagena has always considered a strong man, so that this Mediterranean city has to. You first warrior Cassius is ready for fight. You must finish first ten fight in your town. That brings you a ticket for glorious Rome to be part of the most bigger gladiator competition. After you pass a 10 level in your 1st city, you will move to the other region.

On your map you have a plenty icons. Beside your town, try to go on battle looks like icon and earn more money. Above the icon you have one, two or three stars which means difficulty level. Also you have icon with one sword. In this mission you have chance to earn a lot of money, but you must have a very good crew. Red icon with bag with money can bring you powerful weapon or defend stuff. In this gods of arena unblocked game you can bet. Put money on some warrior, and try to pick which one of that strongly guys will be a winner.


On your down right screen you have three options. On of these is blacksmith. Here you can buy or sell weapons and defensive items. There are so many stuff to trade here. For attack you can buy axe, sword, rusted mace, iron hammer, solid trident, pike, acinates sword, long spear, long bow, iaculum and many more. When you buy a weapon also you can look does that weapon have a special ability like smite, swift, berserker, precision, hotshot, immobilize. For defense you have to choose helmet, armor, boots, shield. And for everyone of these you have different look, health, accuracy, agilty. Choice is hard, but be smart or look at this…

When your player move to level 5, you have chance to choose six different grown up way of gladiators.

  • Gallus – His a special for heavy armor, like two hand weapon
  • Dimachaerus – You can use two hand sword for faster attack
  • Hoplomachus – Attack with spear and other long weapon
  • Retarius – Attack from long distance and use a net for easier finish
  • Sagittarius – Throwing knifes or bow and arrow. Choice is yours
  • Murmillo – This guy can hold shield in left hand and one hand weapon in other.

Market and trophies

Go to the market to buy gladiator. Maximum number of your gods of arena crew is five. On trophy options you can earn a lot of money. Go and see what you must to do to bring a lot of coins that needs you to buy some stuffs or new guys.

Battle in Arena

When battle is starting you just sit and watch. After few battles depend what you weapon use you have an opportunity to choose some special abilities. You can pick head shot, smile or mobilize to beat an enemy easier

Arena is yours. Upgrade your gladiator and conquer all cities on Apennine peninsula. Make Rome to fear you and do what you best do, FIGHT!!!


All you need is you mouse to play this incredible game

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