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Dead Zed

Stop the zombies that will attack you from all directions, it is your task in this unblocked game!
Target the zombies and hit them in the head, if you hit the zombies in the head you will get the maximum number of points and zombie will immediately fall in the ground which gives you time to quickly kill the other, defend your farm!Your task is to survive for 40 days, you must kill the waves of zombies in order to defend your city.Try and search the neighbourhood for some weapons and survivors to make your survival a little bit easier, the newfound survivors can be assigned to defend your city or can help you with searching.Over time, you will find much better, stronger and more effective weapons that will help you faster and better stop waves of zombies
who will go in your way in order to kill you.Collect everything you find, all will be useful.
Enjoy and good luck!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.
F-Change fire mode.
1,2-Change weapon.

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