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Dead Samurai 2

About the game

Konichiwa dear players. In front of you is one of the most popular combat battle game. Try to kill your opponent and make him dead, dead samurai.

How to play

Before you start to fighting go to trial and learn how to beat your enemy easier. After you pass this part of the game, you are ready for some action. Choose your favorite player, which you wanna be a good samurai. Every one of them have some special abilities, so make you to hard which one is the right. Beside of that there’s a a lot of types of shurikens

This is eight super combo magic, which helps you to win much easier. Shuriken – that powerful weapon. Symbol of Japanese samurai culture. A lot of medieval battles has were guided and these hard metal weapon bring victory to army who used. Choose one of eight special shuriken stuffs combined with super combo:

  • Fists of fury – Ninja stars
  • Ten hit strike – Red orbs
  • Fly spin chop – Arrows
  • Big air fire – Fire spikes
  • Rocket strike – Rockets
  • Chop up star – Photons
  • Tommy gun – Daggers
  • Tesla blast – Lighting
  • Big bang – Plasma gobs
  • Wall smash – Bats

How to play

After you choose your favorite guy, write your name or nick name and go to the incredible journey. Like you see, use your mouse to play this game. Every move of your mouse means something, jump, crouch, run, go back, go forward… Of course for attack press left click. When you beat your enemy samurai you have chance to upgrade your attack skill. You can buy some new stuffs like extra life, new shuriken, shotgun, fire sword, helicopter, 25% health, ak47 riffle, cannon, horse or grenade. Also after each close combat battle you have info about your fight: combo bonus, speed bonus, life bonus. Remember as many as you can try to collect a lot pints. Points need you to buy and upgrade you attacking weapon.

Group and scores

If you want to challenge your friends you can crate your own group for battle tournament. Also you can join to the others many different groups. Challenge your mates on another thing, high score. See what’s yours high score or score of your crew. Finally you can see what your world ranking in dead samurai 2 game.

Two players

This unblocked game is so special, because you can play with your friends against each other. Pick your battle map and start to fighting. Choose difficulty from one to 10, max is the most high value. Switch on or off random BG. Gravity can be 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or 1/5. And finally pick your style battle: standard, horses, copter, shotgun, cannon or two swords. One of player play with mouse, while other play with keyboard.

Remember if you want to be a good ninja, you must to learn a many things of these great guys. Samurai ninja is one of the most popular military icon of east Asia. Make that happen in the rest of the world. Put the sword into your hands and bring a glory to your clan.


Use your mouse to play this game. Pull mouse in one of the eight ways:

  • Jump back – Up/left
  • Retreat – left
  • Roll – Down/Left or Down/Right
  • Crouch – Down
  • Advance – Right
  • Jump ahead – Up/Right
  • Jump – Up
  • Attack – Left click

In two player mode you can use keyboard:

  • Jump – Up arrow or W
  • Retreat – Left arrow or A
  • Crouch – Down arrow or S
  • Advance – Right arrow or D
  • Strike – X or K

Gameplay photo

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