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Daffy WIde Reciever

Daffy Duck as a football player. If you do not believe me take a look.
Cartoon character on the rugby field, it seems unreal, until Porba to play this incredibly good game.
So despite the fact that the main character on the reciever catcher on the field. You’ll be able to choose whether you’re going to run after him, or you’re taking that and not run. The choice is yours.
While all you’re doing that, a group of thugs, precisely opponents will try all means to stop you, because how else will defend the end zone. Customer explicitly notes pay attention to the various obstacles on the ground. Some are good, and pick them up, and some are not and they skilfully avoid the wide plague.
If you like cartoons, and where Daffy Duck in the lead role, then this trkacka and scavenging plays exactly your model.
Enjoy on the ground as if you were there, because the virtual world these windows also enjoy some good.

Use your mouse to play this game

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