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Colony Defenders 2

About the game

In this game you have to aim to defend the invasion of dangerous insects that threaten to take your mine. In the game you’re one of the most successful mining companies Alfa Mining Corporation. You are in constant search for new minerals. Recent discovery of the invention XOLAR minerals with high value that can be transformed into pure energy that can be used to power ships and improve weapons.

Power of Xolar

XOLAR mineral has a large value so that the excavation began immediately and the first few months everything went as it should. But after a while they began to arrive a variety of strange things. As the name of the game read Colony Defender assumed that was a various hordes of swarm creatures start to attack our mines. We have nothing more than to defend them. You will have many obstacles to this road but do not worry, you will have the answer to every task, if only a little extra effort.


Colony Defender brings more than 20 species of creatures and each of them has some other specifics. Some of the creatures:

  • Lurker: Slow speed, low armor, average heat and frost resistance
  • Warg: Travel in packs, low armor, fast speed
  • Frost Hound: high arnor heat and frost resistance, fast movement, heat sensitive.
  • Harpy, Basilisk, Firepod and many more…
    • Weapons

      You will have 5 different weapons to use in defense of their mines

      • Machine gun
      • Heat rocket launcher
      • Laser Cannon
      • Frost Cannon
      • Frost rocket launcher
        • Each creature has its own weaknesses and on each of them a weapon works better than another. Up to you to break you’ll weapons to use against any enemy.


          Use your mouse to create defense units and position them on the map.

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