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Captain Cook Battle Sails

About the game

Game options

Pick one of four nations to rule the Caribbean seas: England, France, Holland and Spain. Choose one of bonus for your quests: +100 gold, +1 ship or +2 maps. Of course you can select game difficulty: easy, normal or hard

Battle Sails - Options
Battle Sails – Options



How to play

It’s turn to turn game. So when you finish it all just press end turn. Pick one of your port to attack another. You have info about your settlement on top right screen. See how many gold you have and how many ships and flags you have at your disposal. Find a treasure on your down left icon and earn more gold. look also your diplomacy with others kingdoms. Upgrade your technologies and be much scariest then others.

Battle Sails – Gameplay


Captain Cook and others

One of the most famous person of that period is Captain Cook. He was a great English explorer. His voyages around the world in the 18th century were very important for England. On his first voyage Cook and his men were at sea in a small ship for several years. They in the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and finally back to England. On his second trip Captain Cook’s ship was near the South Pole. It was very cold, and there were big icebergs in the water. On the ice there were some funny black and white birds – penguins. His third voyage to the South Pole was his last. This incredible guy was a last know big explorer. After his period of exploring there appeared a passenger ships and age of pirates was end.



Use your mouse to play this game


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