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Brave Browser

Play games without any advertising. Install Brave Browser.

This browser is improved version of Google Chrome browser that already contain an adblocker, so you don note have to bother with install of the same.

Brave Browser and BAT – how it works

Let’s see how works combine between BAT coins and Brave Browser. In this post I explain also why is Brave better than other browsers.

Brave browser is faster than Chrome and Firefox browser

BAT token is integrated directly into Brave Browser and on that way you have a lot of opportunities for mutual development and also for earn some money. All you need is your will to follow our steps. You must have channel on You Tube or Twitch, don’t worry if you haven’t it easy to sign in for both channels. Make money is simple. Every month you got for FREE 25 to 35 BAT coins. That coins can worth 5 dollars or more, depend of standing of world crypto currency. Predictions is that value of one BAT coin grow to 30$ per each, so opportunity to earn a huge sum of money is real as never before. Example: if BAT coin have value of 10$, you will earn 300$ every month. You will earn start BAT tokens if you install Brave Browser right now. Download here.

About monthly limited

Before everything you must to know how stuff works. You will get free coins, and that’s all right, but you must be careful with to much claims for free tokens. If you’re not careful, you will be banned for abuse. Also you must pay attention on monthly limited claim for free coins. Usually on every 8th day in month until 15th or 20th day in same month you will get tokens. When you get a free BAT coins, every next month you will get another more coins. That’s go automatic and that received coins (25-35) will have time limit about three month. In that period you must sent coins to your You Tube or Twitch account or some other account, which you wanna to support or donate BAT coins. So pay attention on more time, when you get a coins every month, immediately on your or some other channel for supporting a same.

Download browser and after that install on your PC.

How to claim BAT coin

1 – First download Brave Browser and install it. You will get message like on picture bellow

2 – Click on LET’S GO. Next step, go to Enable Rewards. After doing this new tab rewards will be open, which looks like this.


3 – Go to YES I’M IN an wait a few seconds. Your wallet will be create automatically, which will safe you BAT coins for you in same browser. Page now looks like this.


4 – Finally we got to button CLAIM. Click on it, like you see on image. For security reasons you must do verification that you are a human, not a robot. It’s simple, drag it over red triangle in on of three offer triangles: white, yellow or black. When you do this, you will see a message that you are successfully claim 30 BAT coins, like you see on picture bellow.


5 – When you earn a BAT go to registration page Brave-publishers of your You Tube or Twitch channel here. Sign up and log in your to your channel, like on picture bellow.


6 – After you do everything as I say until now, go to example YT channel and click on red triangle near by address bar at top-right corner – see first note image, new window will be open. Now you can see that your account successfully verified (note 2 and 3). Click on SEND A TIP, to send yourself or some other BAT coins, which you claim.

Every month you will get a BAT. Every month you claim new BAT coins. Use for you or give some other that coins.

When install is complete you earn Bat coins. If you play games sometimes, that coins will be automatic forward to my account.
This is replacement for advertising.

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