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Bloons Tower Defense 3

New part, new age, new weapon, new balloons…

Bloons Tower Defense 3

Use your knowledge from earlier games. Be a hero and save our tower. Choose one of the four available track, latter in the game you can unlock 4 new tracks. Select the weight at which you want to play, easy, medium or hard and the game can begin!At the beginning you have a total of 100 lives, you lose life if bloons reach point B, and your main task is to stop bloons to come from point A to point B, stop them by destroying them building a towers that will destroy them, slow them, freeze them, poison them and much more, every tower that you build has a specific function, some towers will slow down bloons, some causing great damage, some shoot very fast into bloons and so on.

Earn a money

Each tower costs a certain amount of money, you get your money by destroying the bloons and from that you build new towers, each next level will be more difficult than previous and in some you will need to make tactic using tower and their ability in order to destroy waves of bloons. We wish you a lot of fun in Bloons Tower Defense 3 Game!


Use mouse to play and to build towers.

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