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Balloons Vs Zombies 4

Killing zombies using guns and balloons it’s never been easier. Try it and see for yourself

About the game

Balloons versus zombies present four part of this saga. Your main goal as a previous parts is that you must kill all these deadly creatures. Your hero is ready, does you? His military skills can help you to pass a level more easier. Get ready

How to play

This unblocked shooting games has as all others shooting games, main mission. Kill some walkers. Your guy is wait to start an adventure. Using mouse aim to zombie who want to be hit. You must watch as yours soldier hands, and see what kind of weapon he use. When he use a machine gun, bullet will be going straight where is your aim finding. If these green hero have a bomb thrower you must calculate and be precise with you grenade. You have help in that with flying bug, who bring bomb to zombie which you wanna to destroy. Also you must pay attention on humans, who is near to the zombies. First, hit them with sleeping arrows, and after that you have safety passage to kill all monsters.

Try to kill all using as less as you can bullets. On that way you can earn much more points. You will see also, a zombies which have star over the head. Hit them harder and this star bring you a lot of points.

Balloons Vs Zombies 4
Balloons Vs Zombies 4


You have a chance to pick in game one of five type of weapons:

  • Rocket launcher – Precise hard weapon, destroy everything
  • Balloon hitter – It’s like sleeping arrows. When you hit some person, he get a balloon and go up.
  • Bow and arrows – Classic type of weapon. It’s so funny to use it for fun of medieval battles.
  • Grenade – use this when your opponent is so far.
  • Batmen bullet – This killing weapon try to save for the finish. Batman bullet make this into bloody hacked game.


Use mouse to play this shooting unblocked game.

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